Simon Murgatroyd - Alan Ayckbourn's Archivist & Professional Writer

Events: Upcoming & Recent

These are some of the events I've been involved with recently - obviously the unusual circumstances of 2020 has meant there have been no events to participate in this year!

Scarborough Inner Wheel (14 November 2019)

A talk on my work as an Archivist at the Stephen Joseph Theatre for the Inner Wheel of Scarborough.

Coventry University Scarborough (7 October 2019)

Attended the opening by Alan Ayckbourn of the studio / rehearsal room at the Coventry University Scarborough campus to mark the launch of the new Acting BA(hons).

Stephen Joseph Theatre Inner Circle (28 September - 1 October 2019)

The return of the popular behind-the-scenes event at the SJT, this year tying in with Alan Ayckbourn's 80th birthday celebration. I'll be helping co-ordinate the event alongside giving a couple of talks on my role as archivist and work with Alan Ayckbourn.

Ayckbourn Film Festival (20 - 22 September 2019)

The UK's first Ayckbourn Film Festival is being planned for later this year in Scarborough. I've been advising the organiser and helping to arrange the event. I'll also be doing introductions to several of the films.

Circle Soirée (2 July 2019)

An evening event at the Stephen Joseph Theatre hosted by Jaye Lewis and myself with the company of Alan Ayckbourn's revival of Season's Greetings.

SJT Circle (28 June 2019)

A Q&A at the Stephen Joseph Theatre hosted by Jaye Lewis and myself with the company of the summer production of Stepping Out.

Standing Room Only (4 July 2019)

Advisor and collaboration with Dick & Lottie theatre company on the first public performance since 1967 of Alan Ayckbourn's fourth play Standing Room Only. Taking place at The Square Chapel, Halifax, this was a one-off rehearsed reading, introduced by myself, celebrating 60 years since Alan Ayckbourn's playwriting debut.

What Is An Archivist? (15 May 2019)

A talk at the Stephen Joseph Theatre about my role as Archivist for The Bob Watson Archive at the venue exploring both my role and the role of the archive within the company.

If you have any enquiries relating to Simon's work as Alan Ayckbourn's Archivist or Ayckbourn related events, please visit the
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